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by:Positioning     2021-01-28
MFC thyristor module because of the advantages of small volume, light weight and high performance to be popular, but in the use of MFC thyristor module can appear sometimes appeared out of control, the cause of MFC thyristor module is out of control has a lot of, in order to reduce uncontrolled, can often be maintained regularly check, at the same time in order to avoid the equipment control method, adopt effective below will teach you how to prevent the MFC thyristor module of control method. (1) the MFC thyristor trigger output three-phase pulse width, amplitude and phase is normal, if dc output waveform three-phase asymmetry, can adjust the trigger pulse phase. (2) the MFC SCR if change the stream tube stream pipe of the pressure drop, the better, the better, not more than 0. 5V。 (3) the MFC thyristor trigger very often lead to keep in good condition, avoid truncation leads to pulse. (4) the use of MFC SCR regularly oscilloscope to check the dc output waveform controlled bridge, to ensure that in adjusting the range of dc output waveform of the three-phase controlled bridge is complete and the size is basically the same. (5) replace MFC thyristor module, thyristor module of positive and reverse blocking voltage not less than the voltage of the original factory, MFC thyristor module to maintain current more than 50 ma, can't choose in the market, must be in regular manufacturers to choose, can guarantee the reliability of the brand technical indicators. MFC if interested in our MFC thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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