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by:Positioning     2021-01-29
MFC thyristor module application in the real life is very broad, so MFC application of silicon controlled rectifier circuit is what? MFC thyristor module can be used in ac circuits, can also be used in the dc. It is best to use when used for dc dc can be shut off under the MFC thyristor module, thyristor module in the conduction of the primary loop where the break, to meet the conditions of the primary loop current is less than its maintain current can be shut off, the general MFC thyristor module to maintain current in a few ma & ndash; — Dozens of ma range. Control circuit, due to the alternating current had zero moment, MFC primary loop current is less than to maintain current thyristor module, thus can satisfy the shut off. Can also be used to produce reverse current in a dc circuit makes the primary loop current moment less than maintaining current, and was shut off. Communicate in MFC thyristor module control application is very extensive, unijunction transistor ac voltage regulation circuit is a kind of typical ac voltage regulation circuit. Regulating principle is: by changing the unijunction transistor trigger conduction Angle to control the MFC thyristor conduction time, to realize ac voltage regulation. This circuit, the unijunction transistor is in ac circuits, through the half-wave rectifier and step-down to obtain working power supply. Usually in regulating circuit, trigger circuit is produced by control circuit, control circuit work in dc. In fact, don't need to explore whether dc control ac, just know MFC control principle of SCR module, its basic principle is to use the thyristor trigger control module conduction, with smaller current control larger current to trigger the load of work. MFC if interested in our MFC thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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