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by:Positioning     2021-01-29
MD thyristor module for a very important basic components in the circuit, it also has good and bad points, the stand or fall of appropriate or not is directly related to running the stand or fall of quality, so, the choose and buy the MD thyristor module before it is very important to learn how to judge the stand or fall of thyristor, thyristor module, choose good MD can guarantee the quality of operation and performance. Actually, judgment, MD, thyristor module are in good condition also is not difficult, need to inspect and judge from four aspects: first is to determine the component of three p-n junction are in good condition; Second is the reverse connection between cathode and anode voltage can block conduction; And then when the control is very open, positive connection between the anode and cathode voltage nor conduction; The fourth one is to control combined with forward current, to the cathode and anode forward voltage, MD should thyristor conduction, after remove the control current is still in the conduction state. Only the MD thyristor module can meet the above conditions, to illustrate the MD thyristor module is high quality. Judgment, of course, it is also very simple, only need to use a multimeter ohm measuring electrode resistance of SCR. Specific approach is: use R× 1 k or R× 10 k block measurement between cathode and anode to resistance ( Control is extremely voltage) The both resistance should be large. The greater the resistance value, which indicates that the smaller the forward and reverse leakage current. If the measured resistance is low, or close to infinity, that have breakdown short circuit or open circuit, thyristor module this thyristor is not in use. Followed by detecting the MD thyristor module of three p-n junction are in good condition or damaged, can use a multimeter R× 1 k or R× 10 k block anode measurement and control is extremely, the resistance between the positive and negative to the measured value shall be more than a few hundred thousand Europe, if the resistance is small that SCR breakdown short circuit. Use R× 1 k or R× 100 block, measuring control of anode and cathode of the PN junction between the positive and negative resistance in thousands of the left and right sides, such as a positive value is close to zero or infinity, show that the p-n junction between control pole and the cathode has been damaged. Reverse resistance should be very big, but not for infinity. Normal situation is reverse resistance significantly greater than positive value. Basically, by the above method can determine the stand or fall of thyristor module for MD. MD if interested in our MD thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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