Lu: xingcai insert radiator processing two common pitfalls

by:Positioning     2021-05-13
We with aluminum insert radiator processing will be choose often difficult and positioning problem, then let aluminum insert small make up to you to introduce aluminum insert radiator radiator processing when two common pitfalls. 1. Fast forward to the selection of workers into G00 in processing applications and G01 can define the linear motion of the cutting tools, but they are different, the effect of easy to confuse the novice. Work into the class instruction ( G01, G02, G03) Feed rate is determined by the F in the program instruction; Fast forward class instruction ( G00 part and back to zero) Feed speed is not in the aluminum processing procedures specified in the insert radiator, but as the machine tool parameters when the machine parameter Settings stored in CNC system, make aluminum insert radiator surface more delicate. Work into the class instruction not only to guarantee the accuracy of the machining end to aluminum insert radiator, to guarantee the accuracy of the machining path and feed speed, this will depend on the microscopic interpolation calculation and dynamic control. And fast into the class instruction aims to minimize the aluminum insert radiator air travel time in multi-axis linkage, unpredictable. So quickly into the class instruction can not be used for processing feed aluminum insert radiator. 2. Positioning accuracy and repeat precision machining center manufacturers in the publicity materials tend to give only repeat positioning accuracy and not positioning precision index is given, making it easier for the part of the user to repositioning precision will be misinterpreted as the main indexes of the precision parts processing. Actually does not mean that the parts processing precision high repeat positioning accuracy is high. Positioning accuracy is the major indexes of the precision parts processing. In the aluminum insert radiator repeat positioning accuracy is the ability to reflect the machine repeatedly return to the same location. Measurement method is fixed a dial indicator, header pressure on the main shaft, calibration dial indicator to zero. The removal of the spindle to any position makes it back to just coordinates of calibration, read the dial indicator reading error. After reading many times, the maximum error is the repositioning precision of the aluminum insert radiator. According to the present typical electromechanical collocation, numerical control technology and machining center, rotary encoder and the servo motor ball screw and gear rack and repeat positioning error is generally not greater than 2 pulse equivalent, far less than 0. 01mm。 Positioning accuracy refers to the full machine stroke on the specified distance of the ability to move accurately. Aluminum insert radiator processing center biggest can travel seven meters, precision measurement commonly used laser interferometer. Aluminum insert radiator true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our aluminum insert radiator or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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