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by:Positioning     2021-01-31
KK thyristor module in the electrical industry application range is very wide, KK thyristor is also known as silicon controlled rectifier, do you know how to test the performance of it after installation? The thyristor manufacturer to teach you to detect KK the performance of the thyristor after installation. ( 1) Power up carefully check before KK thyristor (route of pipelines connection is correct, the potentiometer sinistral to zero, control the power supply first, then on the main power supply; ( 2) Measuring KK thyristor module is controlled, the main circuit output voltage or module must be in KK thyristor module output terminal access certain power load, to ensure the accuracy of the measured data. No-load measured data is not accurate. Recommend to access load power: 260 a communication module is not less than 100 w, 260 more than a communication module is not less than 500 w, 320 a rectifier module is not less than 300 w, more than 320 a rectifier module is not less than 1500 w; ( 3) When using a multimeter to measure three-phase ac module output voltage, red, black pens and press AB ( Red and black) 公元前( Red and black) CA ( Red and black) Corresponding to the test, otherwise the measured voltage is not accurate. The above is concluded KK test method of the thyristor after installation. KK thyristor true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If you are interested in our KK thyristor or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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