Is there any third party doing mosfet modules quality test?
In order to confirm our information on mosfet modules is dependable, we turn into third-party product testing. This invaluable endorsement for the product functionality has to present our customers extra satisfaction that the products are rigorously tested to industry standards.

Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd has made a great success in the industry of stud rectifier. Positioning has created a number of successful series, and power thyristors is one of them. It is healthy and environmentally friendly, and is appropriate for patients with skin diseases such as dry skin and eczema. Its high voltage capability can be up to 1000V. People say that it has been used for a long time, and no loose lines, inferior sutures or low-strength lines can be found. This product exhibits a great low saturation voltage.

Positioning will serve semiconductor assembly with our heart and soul. Get price!
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