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by:Positioning     2021-04-21
Intelligent thyristor module is the key power device in the electric heating furnace control device, the machine device is reliable and correct selection of intelligent thyristor regulating module parameters such as rated voltage, rated current has a lot to do. The principle of intelligent thyristor module selection is to consider working reliability, current, voltage must have enough allowance. General furnace rated voltage is 380 v, choose the working voltage is 460 v intelligent thyristor module, other voltage intelligent thyristor module need to order. For the selection of intelligent thyristor module current, heating furnace must be considered ( Or heat) The rated working current and intelligent thyristor regulating module output voltage value, if the heating wire for the NTC or PTC properties ( The heating wire rated current changing with temperature, temperature is very low when the phone is switched on, rated current large or when heated to high temperatures, rated current large or when heated to high temperatures, rated current is big , you must consider the working state of heating wire the big current value, as a heating wire to determine the rated current value of the specifications of the intelligent thyristor module size. Zhejiang co. , LTD. , mainly produces ordinary thyristor rectifier, fast thyristor, high-frequency thyristor, thyristor intelligent module to form a radiator, etc. , we are waiting for you!
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