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by:Positioning     2021-04-21
( 1) Intelligent thyristor module adopts the company independently developed digital phase shift trigger integrated circuit, control circuit and main circuit thyristor integration integration, the module has the function of weak current control high voltage electricity regulation. ( 2) ( Intelligent thyristor module) Square chip, using imported advanced chip support plate, module pressure drop is small, low power consumption, high efficiency and energy saving effect is good. ( 3) ( Intelligent thyristor module) Imported SMT components, to ensure the reliability of the trigger control circuit. ( 4) ( Intelligent thyristor module) Using ( DBC) Ceramic sheet, the unique processing method and special welding technology, guarantee the welding layer without holes, heat conduction performance is good. Thermal cycle load times higher than the national standard nearly 10 times. ( 5) ( Intelligent thyristor module) USES the advanced thermal insulation packaging materials, insulation, moistureproof and good performance. ( 6) ( Intelligent thyristor module) Trigger control circuit and main circuit with thermal conductive plate isolation, thermal conductive plate is not charged. Dielectric strength & ge; 2500 v ( RMS) To ensure the personal safety. ( 7) Three-phase ac module output symmetry well, small dc component. Large size module have overheated, over-current, open phase protection function. ( 8) ( Intelligent thyristor module) 0 - Or 0 to 10 v dc control signal , 4-5 v dc control signal 20 ma instrument signal, can be implemented to smooth the main circuit output voltage regulation. ( 9) ( Intelligent thyristor module) Can manually, instrument or microcomputer control. ( 10) ( Intelligent thyristor module) Suitable for resistance and inductive load. Intelligent thyristor module is always only a little more than a rival, it is much to consider for the customer. If you are interested in our intelligent thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation, we wholeheartedly at your service.
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