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by:Positioning     2021-02-04
Now a wide range of applications of intelligent thyristor voltage regulating module, the intelligent thyristor voltage regulating module implements the over current, over voltage, over temperature and so on, so this requests us to install, use and maintenance, then its installation steps is what? The following detailed to introduce the thyristor module manufacturer. 1, installation method: intelligent thyristor module wall vertical installation, voltage regulator power supply for top down out. When the copper wiring terminals to remove debris, tighten the screws, otherwise it will cause terminal fever and cause damage. 2, intelligent thyristor module of three-phase ac voltage regulator circuit into line R, S, T no phase sequence requirements, according to the actual use of current conductor thickness selection. 3、“ L” And & other N” Line only for intelligent thyristor module internal control power supply voltage regulator, with 1 square thin wire can, for full isolation between the input control end insulation design. “ L” Client can be received all online, & other; N” Must meet three phase zero line. “ L” And & other N” Can't change. 4, U, V, W output can meet 380 vac delta form load or 220 vacy form load ( No need to pick up N line) 。 5, if the silicon controlled intelligent pressure regulating module three-phase load balancing, load center can receive not receive zero line. If the three-phase unbalanced load, load center must answer the zero line, otherwise will lead to the output voltage deviation. 6, over-current protection: if happened in the process of using flow phenomenon, should first check the load for short circuit fault, etc. In the thyristor module into the line R, S, T end before installation fast fuse, specification can be according to the actual load current of 1. Five times as much as optional. The above is about the introduction of intelligent thyristor voltage regulating module, understand its installation steps, the hope can help you. Intelligent thyristor voltage regulator module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart.
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