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by:Positioning     2020-12-20
As intelligent thyristor voltage regulator module is finding wider and wider application in the field of electrical automation, it in play on its work also play an important role to the machine, believe that for those who are familiar with the application of the product, for the usage of it is already familiar with, just contact person, but to want system about might be a little difficult, then small make up take you to know about the method of use it together. 1, each function end relative com end must be positive, if the com port for the anode, reverse polarity, the intelligent thyristor module main circuit output voltage regulator could spiral out of control. 2, intelligent thyristor voltage regulator module's function on the control characteristics are normal polarity, namely the control voltage is higher, the module of the main loop of the high voltage output voltage is higher. 3, thyristor regulating module should be used at a certain moment in an input control mode, if more than 2 kinds of way input used at the same time, the stronger the input signal is a kind of plays a main role. 4, thyristor module power supply voltage regulator for top down out, three-phase ac circuit into line R, S, T no phase sequence requirements, according to the actual use of current conductor thickness selection. 5, thyristor regulating module N line only for internal switch power supply module, with 1 square thin wire can, N line for full isolation between the input control end insulation design. 6, thyristor regulating module in use process in case of flow phenomenon, should first check the load for short circuit fault, etc. In the module into the line R, S, T end before installation fast fuse for over-current protection, specification can be according to the actual load current of 1. Five times as much as optional. 7, intelligent thyristor voltage regulator module should be used with the radiator, with other devices in the cabinet have enough cooling space. Can be installed fans forced cooling when necessary. In the use of intelligent thyristor voltage regulator module, according to the actual situation of specific adjustments in under the guidance of professional personnel, such a convenient time can avoid some mistakes. Through the above study, therefore, I do not know how much you can learn, so-called practice makes perfect, with the more also becomes proficient. Intelligent thyristor voltage regulator module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If intelligent thyristor voltage regulator module to us who are interested in or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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