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by:Positioning     2021-05-03
Inserting disk radiator in the oxidation, we will insert plate radiator for water washing, do you know the plug type radiator which is the most common way of washing three? ( 1) Dipping water baptism, by insert to wash the plate radiator aluminum anodized, electrophoresis, into the water washing technology in interpolation chip on the radiator with liquid concentration dilution process. Hope to get the clean degree is inserted plate radiator dilute concentrations of pollutants into the wash tank. Put on the plate radiator with the liquid wash after wash can't more than with dilute aqueous solution concentration. And in the process of actual water to wash, how to achieve this ideal soon dilute concentration and how to ensure uniform water lotion liquid concentration is the problem of how to improve the washing effect and efficiency. ( 2) Spray water is basically water washing way. Because be spray washing, water washing can flush when plugged into the liquid on the plate radiator and at the same time can dilute the liquid on the plate radiator. If spray washing water, and put water on the surface of the plate radiator faster, to wash the liquid medicine of adhesion ratio is high. If the plate radiator can fully spraying elution net, compared with the dipping wash, washed with a small amount of water can get better effect. ( 3) Spray washing the washing mode can also be considered a spray washing. Through the mist of water spray cleaning implement with a small amount of water to cleaning of inserting disk radiator, compared with spray washing effect, due to the dilution effect, wash effect is very obvious. Inserting disk radiator true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our thrust plate radiator or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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