How much do you know thyristor module?

by:Positioning     2021-03-02
The characteristics of the thyristor module has a lot of, it is composed of four layers of semiconductor PNPN device, has three electrodes, the anode, a cathode k and control of g, thyristor module how much do you know the application, selection and installation, thyristor module manufacturer for your detailed introduction for you below. 1, the application field of silicon controlled rectifier module module application detailed introduction: silicon controlled rectifier module used in temperature control, dimming, excitation, electroplating, electrolysis, charge and discharge, electric welding machine, plasma arc, inverter power supply for electric power energy size adjustment and transformation, such as industrial, communications, military industry and other kinds of electrical control, power supply, etc. , according to the control port can also through the thyristor module connected with multi-function control panel, achieve steady flow, the function such as voltage, soft start, and it can realize the over current, over voltage, over temperature, lack of equal protection. 2, thyristor module control mode: input SCR module control interface, an adjustable voltage or current signal by adjusting the size of the signal can be smoothly to adjust the output voltage of the thyristor module size, realize the thyristor module output voltage from 0 v to any or all of the conduction process. Voltage or current signal can be derived from various control instrument, computer, D/A output potentiometer directly from the dc power supply all kinds of methods, such as partial pressure; Control signals using 0 ~ 5 v, 0 ~ 10 v, 4 ~ 20 ma three commonly used form of control. 3, meet the necessary conditions of the thyristor module: ( 1) + 12 v dc power supply, thyristor module internal control circuit of power supply. 1) SCR module output voltage requirements: + 12 v power supply: 12 & plusmn; 0. 5 v, ripple voltage less than 20 mv. (2) the thyristor module output current requirements: nominal current is less than 500 ampere products: I + 12 v> 0. 5 a, nominal current is more than 500 amps products:> I + 12 v 1 a. ( 2) Thyristor module control signal: 0 ~ 10 v or 4 ~ 20 ma control signal, is used to adjust the size of the output voltage control signal, the anode CON10V or CON20mA, GND1 cathode. ( 3) Thyristor module power supply and load, power supply for power grid power supply, voltage 460 v or below the power supply transformer, thyristor module's input terminals; Load for electrical appliances, thyristor module output terminals.
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