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In this Internet-connected business world, there are multiple convenient ways for you to contact us. Here is a detailed instruction about how to contact us. First, you may browse our official website to get the contact information such as telephone number, E-mail, and Skype, through any of which you can get to us freely. The other way of contacting us is to fill in the information form below the website, and then list out your needs and any questions, our service staff will reach you as soon as possible.

Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd has been engaged in research and development and production of stud thyristors since its establishment. Positioning has created a number of successful series, and semiconductor assembly is one of them. It is very air permeable and helps to suck moisture off the skin, so sleepers never wake up feeling sticky or wet. Its high-quality pins are not prone to get deformed or broken during the board printing process. This product is the healthiest choice for bedding because it is not chemically finished. It can be machine washed to suit a busy lifestyle. This product shows excellent properties against HV surge impact.

Thanks to the enterprise culture of Positioning, we all aim to strive forward at one direction. Call now!
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