How about westcode thyristor after-sales service?
Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd is well recognized not only because of the great quality westcode thyristor but also due to the excellent after-sale service. Our after-sale service is strongly supported by experienced technicians. The after-sale team offers support when there are problems in use, maintenance, repair, etc.

As a globally renowned manufacturer of stud triac, Positioning is highly reliable. Positioning has created a number of successful series, and thyristor component is one of them. Production of Positioning power thyristor is environmentally friendly and does not produce any water, air or noise pollution. The cleaning process ensures that it is carefully cleaned, free of dust and odor. It is capable of withstanding rated blocking/off-state voltage. Most of our customers say that the feeling of the products in the handis good because of its smoothness and texture. Its high voltage capability can be up to 1000V.

We wish that our all-round stud thyristors can make customers well worth the money. Please contact us!
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