How about products and service of Positioning?
Products and services are the accomplishments we are proud of. Since our inception, Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd deeply believes that product and service are the two things that can attract customers most and may promote our position in the global market. In terms of products, high-quality materials are adopted to make sure the perfect fit of every part and are combined to ensure the greatest effect of the finished products. Therefore, they are endowed with the performance of reliability, safety, environmental friendliness, and long lifespan. We have established a professional service team. It consists of passionate, patient, and professional service employees. Thanks to their efforts, highly responsive and highly efficient customer service can be offered in our company.

As a globally renowned manufacturer of power thyristors, Positioning is highly reliable. Positioning has created a number of successful series, and semiconductor assembly is one of them. The product has strong points of softness and smoothness. Some chemical softeners were put into the fabric to soften the solid substances. This product exhibits a great low saturation voltage. The product is particularly breathable, allowing air to flow freely and volatilizing moisture especially quickly, which keeps germs and mold away. With its compact design, this product is suitable for the board of most electrical equipment.

Continuous innovation of product technology is a fundamental part in Positioning. Welcome to visit our factory!
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