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by:Positioning     2021-03-16
Thyristor module, in the field of electric power, electron industry application range is very wide, powerful functions, if you want to in the application to ensure running performance, which mainly depends on the anti-interference ability of the thyristor module for a variety of interference, so, how to improve the anti-interference ability of the thyristor module, see below summary of the following methods: 1, separate thyristor module control power supply and pulse power supply, and separate each pulse power, in order to reduce or eliminate the mutual interference between the pulse, if there is a wider picture pulse output, then use six pulse power, of course, the power supply must adopt large capacity filter capacitance, and try to improve the hardness of output power characteristics. 2, thyristor module ground to pick up good. Mainly includes two parts, the first is to follow & other; One-point earthing & throughout; Principle, then the grounding resistance as far as possible. In the actual engineering of pulse circuit debugging, a large part of the work takes on eliminating interference & other; Burrs & throughout; , which is often caused by ground without handle. So, it is very important, in the here & other One-point earthing & throughout; , is refers to each pulse in the point of the earth, so that the potential of each pulse as far as possible, here & other; Point & throughout; Is refers to the circuit, is refers to the physical, try to short small grounding resistance is ground and ground to coarse as far as possible. Only in this way, in the case of strong trigger, thyristor module when the trigger pulse current is bigger, to make the potential difference between two points on the ground as far as possible little, reduced and better eliminate & other; Burrs & throughout; 。 Above is to provide you with the ascension of thyristor module is an effective method of anti-jamming capability, hope can help to you, to a greater degree to ensure safe and reliable operation of the SCR module.
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