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by:Positioning     2020-12-04
High-frequency thyristor module and diode module instead of power electronics device parameters, such as chip environment condition has a very close relationship, work in high altitude and low temperature environment, the user needs to pay attention to the reasonable use, ensure working device in a reliable way. 1. In - 40 ℃ under the condition of high frequency thyristor module gate trigger current value to double than 25 ℃, gate trigger voltage increases about 30%, thus to ensure the reliable equipment start, need enough strength requirements of high frequency thyristor module gate triggering current. When we require the user to adopt strong trigger measures. It also to improve the device of di/dt performance, reduce the loss of opening time and opening, conducive to devices in series, in parallel operation plays an important role. It is recommended to use high frequency thyristor gate trigger condition is: the gate trigger current amplitude IG = 10 igt ( 2 - 5,& lt; 10A) ; The gate current open time tr≤ 1μs。 2. Under the condition of high altitude, air cooled radiator cooling capacity decreased, but the lower environmental stability and is advantageous to the heat dissipation device, therefore in the use of high frequency thyristor must be according to the scene of possible zui high ambient temperature device and the selection of radiator, to leave the current allowance. 3. If the device is very frequent start, stop, in - devices frequently 35℃- Between 125 ℃ temperature cycle, the reliability and life expectancy of the device will be less than the normal work, the high frequency thyristor in use should be paid attention to. Zhejiang rectifier co. , LTD. , the production of various kinds of specifications models of high frequency thyristor module, thyristor module, solid state relay module, rectifier bridge module, such as supporting the radiator products, sincerely look forward to the cooperation with various companies and procurement staff, provide affordable, quality and reliable electronic components. Consultation telephone: 0577 - 62627555, we serve you wholeheartedly!
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