Does Positioning provide EXW for stud rectifier ?
Please make it clear about the differences between each pricing and contact Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd to make sure what kind of pricing is needed. When stud rectifier is priced at EXW level, we are only responsible for packaging the goods and making them available at a designated location such as the warehouse. If the shipment is by air, EXW pricing may be better than other pricing.

Positioning has been devoted itself into the manufacture of stud triac since its establishment. Positioning has created a number of successful series, and power thyristors is one of them. The manufacturing process of Positioning power triac is complicated. This process involves preparing the pattern, stitching, lasting (forming the final shoe) and final assembly. It can be automatically triggered off for specified periods of time. This product makes people want a more comfortable sleep, and this product is enough to meet the needs of people looking for a more comfortable sleep. Featuring a low leak current range, this product is ideal for security surveillance and industrial applications.

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