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by:Positioning     2020-12-05
1, due to the defence of the diode module is insulated type ( The terminal module for insulation between the copper base plate pressure is greater than 3. 1 kv RMS) , so you can install the modules in the same radiator, or device grounding shell. 2, radiator installation should level off, smooth surface, no scratches, knock against, and sundry. The radiator surface finish should be less than 10 microns. Module is installed on the radiator, between their contact surfaces should be with a very thin layer of thermal conductive silicone. With before, radiator contact surface oxide layer with fine sand paper to remove, and then clean the surface with anhydrous ethanol, made good contact and to reduce the thermal resistance. Module when fastening to the radiator surface, using the M5 and M6 screw and spring washer, and with 4 nm torque fastening screws with module main electrode connection should use copper platoon, the contact area and has a smooth level off, make good contact. Module work 3 hours later, the screw to tighten again again. 'd like to know more about the counter-attack diodes, photovoltaic defence of diodes, silicon controlled thyristor of relevant information, you can visit the website, welcome your consultation.
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