Dc shunt is how to determine the direction of the?

by:Positioning     2021-05-17
When we are in the use of dc shunt because it ends up the question of dc shunt, the dc shunt is how to determine the direction of the? We all know that the shunt is actually a resistance, resistance is small when there is a dc current outdated, producing pressure drop, for dc ammeter display. To measure a large direct current, which is using shunt shunt is a precision resistor, through the big electric current when current flows through the shunt in it will appear on both ends of a millivolt voltage level, so we use a millivolt voltage meter to measure the voltage, and then the voltage conversion into current completes the high current measurement. Will be selected two shunt current terminal connected to the power and load, respectively, potential termination ammeter, should pay attention to the terminal polarity to the ammeter, the range of the ammeter is expanded to shunt calibration on the current value. So we can see both ends of a dc shunt respectively have the power and load, so there is no direction of dc shunt. Zhejiang rectifier co. , LTD is a high-tech enterprise production and operation of dc shunt. Dc shunt currents, temperature drift is small, precise resistance value, using pure copper environmental protection material, silver brazing welding, elegant appearance; Widely used in dc power supply equipment.
single phase dc solid state relay voltage problem you know?
there are a lot of customers to inquiry recently consulting single-phase solid state relay, voltage single-phase solid state relay now let small make up to interpretation of the analysis. 1, the single phase dc solid state relay control input 4 - input 32 VDC, in the range of input voltage, output to conduction. Less than 4 v input and output end conduction; More than 32 v may input burn out. 2, yes, single phase dc solid state relay can only pick up 5 - 200 VDC voltage range, less than 5 v, the inside of the switch device can't conduction; Higher than 200 v is likely to withstand the pressure and breakdown internal switch device. 3, single phase dc solid state relay nominal current refers to the output switch devices within the allowed maximum rated current. Single-phase solid state relay if you want to know more information, or if you have any questions, please call or online advice.
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