Choose thyristor module radiator which elements must be considered?

by:Positioning     2020-12-07
Thyristor module USES in the long run, it would be easy to appear the phenomenon of fever, in order not to affect the operation of the SCR module, should give the thyristor module to select a suitable heat sink, but the type of the radiator on the market and the price is uneven, the quality is not unified, so how to choose the right radiator? Thyristor module manufacturer for you look at the below, choose thyristor module radiator what are the major factors must be considered? 1, the size of the working current of thyristor module, determine the required heat dissipation area. 2, thyristor module using the environment. According to the use of thermal environment conditions to determine what cooling way, including natural cooling, forced air cooling and water cooling, etc. 3, plant shape, volume, to heat the size of the room, according to the situation to determine what shape using radiator thyristor module manufacturer says, many users can choose aluminum radiator, of course, in order to ensure to select the radiator can satisfy the actual need, learn to calculate the length of the radiator and area, in general, thyristor module when the choose and buy, features indicate the required heat dissipation area on the table so that calculate the length of the radiator is very simple. Thyristor modules required for heat dissipation area = ( Radiator circumference) × ( The radiator length) + ( Cross-sectional area) × 2. By this formula, can be very simple to calculate the length of the radiator, hope everybody can understand, choose the proper SCR module to ensure that the radiator products.
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