Choose thyristor module 6 items that should be paid attention to

by:Positioning     2020-12-06
When choosing the rated voltage thyristor module, should refer to the actual work condition of the size of the peak voltage, and set aside a certain margin. 1, when choosing rated current of the silicon controlled rectifier module, in addition to consider through the components of the average current, also should pay attention to the normal work when the size of the conduction angles, cooling ventilation conditions and other factors. At work should also pay attention to the pipe shell temperature not to exceed their electricity flow value. 2, before using thyristor module, should use the multimeter to check thyristor module are in good condition. Found short circuit or open circuit phenomenon, should be replaced immediately. 3, it is forbidden to use megger ( The shaking table) Check the insulation condition of components. More than 4, the current is 5 a thyristor module to install the radiator, and the cooling conditions stipulated in the guarantee. In order to ensure good contact with the silicon controlled rectifier tube radiator, between them should be coated with a thin layer of organic silicone oil or silicone, to help with good heat dissipation. 5, according to the rules of main circuit of thyristor module adopts the overvoltage and overcurrent protection device. 6, to prevent the thyristor control very forward overload and reverse breakdown. Oxidation is essential to profiles radiator deep processing procedure, but most people would think profiles radiator processing after oxidation treatment, but also some processing follow-up, to ensure the effect of profile radiator oxidation treatment. In aluminum radiator oxidation treatment follow-up process, is must pay attention to the following points: ( 1) Profiles radiator flushing purpose is aging film with hot water, water temperature and the time we will strictly control, water temperature too high film thinning, lighter color. ( 2 profiles radiator for natural air drying, the hot water filling keep workpiece hang on the shelf, let work on the surface of the free water downflow in vertical direction. Flow to the bottom edge Angle of water with a towel to absorption, dry film color according to the method is not affected, appear natural. ( 3) Aluminum radiator aging method according to climate condition to decide, there are in the summer the sun exposure in the sun, rainy or winter oven to bake. ( 4) Unqualified conductive oxide film piece should be pick out before drying, aging process, due to the film difficult to retire after drying, aging and affects the roughness of the workpiece surface. In the production of various aluminum radiator the deep processing, the method used is very technical content, so must deal with strict grasp every link.

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