Can insert custom plate radiator? A: how much is it?

by:Positioning     2020-12-10
“ You can insert custom plate radiator? A: how much is it? ” 。 On June 8, a technical project director from guangzhou chopped by others, that is inserted plate radiator manufacturers, so to come to consult. Against the government's power equipment cooling unit project, chopped said his company has a platform, but the lack of corresponding products, is now seeking plate radiator customization. For multiple from customers in the field of electric power, new energy, custom insert plate radiator and silicon controlled thyristor module, and get a long-term cooperation. Sales manager xue immediately and chopped docking, sent the related information, also carefully recorded the customer problem and custom insert plate radiator requirements in the project. At present, the research and development team has been established and into the prophase research, looking forward to further cooperation. Inserting disk radiator customization, find. The sample, quickly. Definitely achieve seamless docking, for you won the project. If you want to know more information inserted plate radiator, or you have any questions, please call or online advice. To provide you with 24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly! At the same time, it is thyristor SCR products and supporting the radiator manufacturers, but also soft start inverter exclusive supplier, can provide you with more products and solutions, offer free of charge.
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