Can I get any discount on scr transistor in my first order?
For some particular period, Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd supplies first purchase discounts on scr transistor to give an opportunity to learn. All discounts such as the welcome reduction are subject to approval and review, and could be subject to further limitations. Please do contact us to confirm the discount.

In the last few decades, Positioning has built a good connection with many well-known companies with its dependable semiconductor assembly. Positioning has created a number of successful series, and silicon transistor is one of them. This product is contractile resistant. The mercerization process is used to change the fabric structure, increase the pressure and increase the tension. This product is perfectly used to control the flow of electrical currents. People who have used it for two years say that because of the high strength of its stiching, they are not worried that it will be easily torn. This product stands out for its very high impedance.

Positioning presents you with the best thyristor component. Get price!
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