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by:Positioning     2021-02-01
Thyristor module, is short for silicon controlled rectifier element, sometimes referred to as thyristor module. Thyristor module is a has three p-n junction, four layer structure of high power semiconductor devices, has small volume, simple structure, strong function, the characteristics of high pressure resistance, has been widely used in televisions, refrigerators, wireless remote control, camera, the timing controller and other equipment. The role of the thyristor module 1: controlled rectifier at # 2 is controlled rectifier thyristor module, which is the most basic and most important function of silicon controlled rectifier. Known as the diode rectifier circuit can only be used to complete the function of the rectifier, did not realize controllable, and once the diode in SCR, constitute a controlled rectifier circuit. In one of the most basic of single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier circuit, when sinusoidal ac voltage in the positive half cycle, only in the control and trigger pulse, thyristor was trigger conduction, the load on the output voltage will be, so you can by changing control trigger pulse arrival time, to further regulate the average of the load on the output voltage, reach the role of controlled rectifier. The role of the thyristor module 3: used as a non-contact switch the role of the thyristor module 3 is used as a non-contact switch, often used in automation equipment, instead of general relay, have the characteristics of no noise, long service life. Thyristor module four: the role of the switch and the regulating function of thyristor module function of four is play the role of switch and surge, often used in ac circuits, due to its triggering time is different, so through its current only part of the communication cycle, through its voltage is only part of the full voltage, and thus play the role of the output voltage regulation.
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