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by:Positioning     2021-02-02
Diode thyristor module can be equivalent to control, when the control with a certain voltage, cathode and anode conduction, is divided into one-way thyristor module and bidirectional thyristor module, are three electrodes. One-way thyristor module has the cathode ( K) And the anode ( A) And control ( G) 。 The bidirectional thyristor module is equivalent to two single reverse thyristor module in parallel. Is one of the one-way silicon anode and cathode in the other side, said the terminal T2, one of the one-way silicon cathode and anode is connected to the other, says the terminal T2, the rest is for control ( G) 。 Current control of high power thyristor module to milliamperes mechanical and electrical equipment, if more than the frequency, switching loss significantly increased due to component, allowed by the average current phase is reduced, at this point, the nominal current should be downgraded, it benefits a lot, for example, with small power control power, power magnification of up to hundreds of thousands of times; Fast response, in the open in the microsecond, shut off; Non-contact operation, no spark, no noise; High efficiency, low cost and so on. Warm prompt: zhejiang co. , LTD. , the production of silicon controlled rectifier thyristor module has 16 years of application experience, matching installation thrust plate radiator solves the chint group in actual heat dissipation problem inverter power devices, hotline: 0577 - 62627555!
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