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by:Positioning     2021-04-01
Everyone knows thyristor module has close relationship with bipolar transistor, thyristor module USES the diversity of let a person see the dazzling, even hard to believe, why such outstanding performance thyristor module? We first introduce controllable size below, to understand its close relationship with bipolar transistor: let's take a look at the professional introduction of thyristor module, thyristor module at the time of discovery and preparation, has experienced a very long time, when it become more mature, more USES thyristor module are also have been excavated. As it endless potential, under the condition of the pressure and power co-exist, broke out. Next, still have more findings about thyristor module. Thyristor module and bipolar transistor has a close relationship: the conduction process involving electrons and holes, but the switch mechanism of thyristor module and a bipolar transistor is different, and because the device structure is different, thyristor device has a wide range of current and voltage control. Bipolar transistor consists of two back-to-back PN structure into a transistor with current amplification effect. Originated from the point contact transistor invented in 1948, the early 50 s development into a junction transistor is now call bipolar transistor. Bipolar transistor has two kinds of basic structures: PNP and NPN. Among the three layers of semiconductor, a layer of said base area, the outer two layers respectively according to the launch pad and collector area. When base area into a small amount of current, between the emitter and collector area will form a larger current, this is the transistor amplification effect. Through this introduction we clearly understand that the size of the controlled quickly and bipolar transistor close contact between them. Thyristor module forever only a little more than a rival, is more than a little thought for the customer. If interested in our silicon controlled rectifier module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation. We wholeheartedly for your service.
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