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by:Positioning     2021-04-02
Nowadays many enterprises to import silicon controlled rectifier module ( Thyristor) , in fact, in comparison with domestic and imported domestic price is higher than the imported; Below by thyristor module manufacturer to introduce what are the main difference between domestic and imported thyristor module? In people's impression of China in the thyristor module tube core are generally adopted by the wafer, the overall parameters of poor consistency, repeatability, and the parameters of high discreteness; And abroad SCR module tube core is generally adopted by the parties, the overall parameters of consistency, repeatability is good, and the parameters of the low discreteness. Actually look from the craft, thyristor module of thyristor module of domestic and abroad are using automatic manufacturing process, and the advantages of domestic thyristor module is the manufacturing cost is low, affordable prices, and after process improvement, to join in the whole manufacturing engineering multichannel detection process, and to greatly enhance the reliability of the finished product module. Although it is true that the thyristor module of foreign advanced technology, but the price is expensive, in some cutting-edge applications, most of the customers still tend to use foreign module; In domestic thyristor module is mainly used in high-end market. Main difference is that, thyristor module encapsulation itself is not very profound skill, good or bad depends on the selection of chips. Therefore the performance of domestic and imported products basic not big difference, from the price comparison on the domestic price will be better; Welcome to visit more about thyristor knowledge's official website. Silicon controlled rectifier module, adopt imported chip, light weight, compact structure, good repeatability, simple outside wiring and fast response, in the open in the microsecond, shut off, contactless switch, no spark, no noise, insulation, vacuum welding structure, the chip and the bottom pressure drop is small. Zhejiang rectifier co. , LTD. , since 2003, has been involved in thyristor module for 15 years, from every customer Suggestions, we constantly improve, formed today's brand. Efforts to build an online strength in the Internet, thyristor module preferred brand. Consultation telephone: 0577 - 62627555, welcome each a phone call!
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