Bidirectional thyristor using guide

by:Positioning     2021-02-15
At present, a lot of ac voltage regulator using bidirectional thyristor, it has small volume, light weight, high efficiency and convenient use, to improve the production efficiency and reduce costs has a significant effect, but it also has overload and anti-interference ability is poor, and when control large inductance load disturbance in power grid and the interference such as faults, let's talk about the bidirectional thyristor how to avoid these problems in its use. 1. Sensitivity of bidirectional thyristor is a three-terminal device, but we are no longer according to their Yin and Yang are two very very, but called T1 and T2, G for control, its control in regardless of the applied voltage is positive or negative trigger pulse trigger pulse can make the pole control, but triggering sensitivity to each other is not the same, which can guarantee the bidirectional thyristor into conducting state there is a difference between the minimum gate current IGT. 2. SCR overload protection of two-way thyristor benefits a lot, but it's overload ability is poor, short time of over-current, over-voltage leads to damage of bidirectional thyristor, thus to guarantee the normal work of the bidirectional thyristor, needs to have conditions: ( 1) Under the bidirectional thyristor applied voltage allowed more than positive turning point voltage, otherwise the control will not work; ( 2) Bidirectional thyristor state average currents from the security perspective may according to the maximum current of 1. 5 ~ 2 times to take; ( 3) In order to ensure the bidirectional thyristor control is extremely reliable trigger, to control a trigger current generally is greater than its value, in addition to this, also must adopt measures to protect, general collective protection measures is quick fuse series in the circuit, the rated current SCR current average of 1. Around five times, its position in the access to the ac or dc side, when the ac rated current take bigger, more commonly used the former, the bidirectional thyristor overvoltage protection often occur in the presence of the inductance of the circuit, or disrupt a surge voltage or the ac ac transient process of the overvoltage. Because of the bidirectional thyristor overvoltage spike high, short duration, resistance and capacitance is often used to absorb the circuit to restrain. The bidirectional thyristor true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our two-way thyristor or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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