Are there services after turn off thyristor installation?
To extend the life span of every turn off thyristor , Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd is in touch with the implemented projects to resolve any questions that customers could meet. The trained and certified technicians run each job in a professional manner, so as to convert the jobs to a reality. Our efficient after-sales service staff will help you whenever you wanted.

Positioning continuously produces various high-end stud triac. Positioning has created a number of successful series, and stud triac is one of them. Positioning fast recovery diode combines different bedding design principles. Because only by sticking to all the principles can we create a successful and compelling design. Its high-quality pins are not prone to get deformed or broken during the board printing process. This product woven from the finest fabrics are very comfortable. It makes sure the user misses his or her bed all day. With its compact design, this product is suitable for the board of most electrical equipment.

Upholding the working spirit of high voltage thyristor, we provides the most convenient thyristor component. Get quote!
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