Any Positioning offices in other countries?
Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd plans to construct several divisions / offices in overseas countries, depending upon the company growth and the market need. We actively participate into various displays and seminars. This is a means to stay in contact with you personally and the entire world. The Building of branches/ offices is a method to be closer to you.

Positioning has been engaged in the production of silicon transistor since its establishment. Positioning has created a number of successful series, and silicon transistor is one of them. This product does not wrinkle or shrink even after many times of machine washing. And it does not pilling easily. It will be applied in electrochemical power supplies, soft starters, motor control, and lighting control. The product is highly flexible in shape, color, and texture and is a must for aesthetics, functionality and a good return on investment. This product is known for its low on-voltage characteristic.

Continuous innovation of product technology is a fundamental part in Positioning. Get quote!
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