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by:Positioning     2021-05-12
Aluminum radiator consists of two parts: fixed device of thermal conductive plane ( Is also called the floor) And fin. Use of material is mainly aluminum and its alloy. Brief introduction is as follows: 1, the extruded aluminum radiator type ( See figure 1) : is one of the fin and substrate. There is no stitching, radiator internal uniform thermal conductivity, high thermal conductivity. Defect is restricted by the processing technology, the size of the radiator and fin spacing, thickness and higher are limited. 2, the extruded aluminum radiator, half inserting disk ( See figure 2) : due to the aluminum extrusion technology limited, the spacing can't be too narrow, with inserted between two pieces of slice method and then put a slice of aluminium inserted in the meantime, with the press clamp fixed. Because about half of the fin is planted, and not the aluminum and the bottom one, coefficient of thermal conductivity as a whole. Thermal resistance than pure aluminum extrusion large. 3, fin splicing type ( Fin heat sink) ( See figure 3) : fin is done first, and then put the fin roots fold together, the compression pressure processing, close to each other between blades of occlusion in one. This technology can make any width, higher fin radiator. Problem is between piece and piece is fission, thermal resistance. Heat conduction ability greatly reduced. 4, inserting disk radiator ( See figure 4) : consists of a base plate and some fin. Bottom side milling insert on the first groove, the fin end in insert groove and pressure. This only few inserted into the bottom end of aluminum radiator, conduction area is finite, thermal resistance will be larger. Thermal resistance parameters consistency is also poor. Aluminum radiator true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our aluminum radiator or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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